Sunday, February 28, 2010

On the Beach

Helicopters want you to be happy on the beach,
and ships military and otherwise say,
"Be like us,
stagnant and still
in the
blue water.
we are big,
and may have big things to do,
maybe even
but for now,
we float."

Young couples sit in the sky in
rainbow parachutes.
they will not receive text messages,
and they are not at work.
They've paid money to be in the sky.
That's okay.

Everyone could have sang with the
but there are also other things
that you can

One day the sky couple will split up,
and at a party
on a cold but tolerable night
in January,
he'll meet her new friend.
He'll want to ask him if
he's been in the sky with her.
But he won't.
Instead he'll shake his hand and say
when that man asks him
"how's it going?"

She'll smile,
like it's okay.

Everyone could have sang and squawked with the seagulls
that day on the beach.
But I guess there was a strong
and I guess there are other
things too,
you can

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